I am often asked how I find things in Greece, as I have recently come back from the UK. I can start whining or I can concentrate on the positive things – I prefer the second! So, what comes first on my mind is this new culture of sharing and helping which exists and grows here.

Jelly is part of this. It’s a community of creative digital media professionals who gather regularly to work together, share knowledge and help each other. It is a platform for creativity, cooperation and dialogue.

For me it has been a great opportunity to try myself in something new, the organisation of an event, and realise one of my ideas.

On 28th January 2011, Jelly is presenting the next Jelly Talk:
“The Use Of Digital Media at Non-Profit Projects and Organisations”

Communications and New Media professionals working for non-profit projects and organisations are going to present case studies on the use of new media in communication and collaboration for humanitarian, environmental and cultural causes.

The event is going to take place at E.D.W. and is open and free for everyone interested.

The community of Jelly would love to see you there!

Jelly Talk: The Use Of Digital Media at Non-Profit Projects and Organisations