Facebook and Twitter for non-profit organisations


On May 7th, I participated as a speaker in the 2nd Volunteer4Greece workshop for 2015. The subject, this time, was “Communication Strategy for NGOs – Social Media Best Practices”. My speech was about the use of Facebook and Twitter can help non-profit organisations grow… Continue Reading


4 tips for effective contests on social media


Organising a contest on Social Media is not as easy as it may sound. Like all promotional activities, they need to be well-thought and designed in order to deliver the desired results. Although every brand has its own different goals and each contest has a different concept, there are four basic principles that, in my opinion, need to be considered when designing any type of Social Media contest. Continue Reading


Free Whitepaper! 6 + 1 Tips for Great Stories on Social Media!

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As Social Media Marketing grows and the number of Brands on Social Networks increases, getting it right becomes more and more challenging. Users prefer to see more friends’ than brands’ news in their news feeds and Facebook has recently changed… Continue Reading


Social Media & FMCGs: 4 Steps to Success!


With Social Media and Word of Mouth playing such a critical role in the purchase decision process, no Brand can abstain from Social Networks any more. Especially for FMCG Brands, competition is growing fast, with many of them having already… Continue Reading