Social Media Case Study: Jingle Books by Gutenberg Books

Jingle Books


Gutenberg Books is a Greek Publishing House which publishes classic literature, philosophy, poetry, science and other publications of high quality.

During the last three years, Gutenberg Books has a dynamic presence on Facebook, aiming to bring young people closer to the classic authors, poets, philosophers and scientists. The philosophy of the Publishing House is that reading the classics can help each of us deal with our problems, understand the world and others, think more clearly and make better decisions.

On Christmas people show their love to their friends and family, and what is a better and more useful present than a book? In 2015, Gutenberg Books wanted not only to give books as Christmas presents to its audience on Facebook, but also to give them the opportunity to show their love to their friends.

We, Suite7, created the Christmas contest “Jingle Books” based on the aims of Gutenberg Books. We invited people through Facebook to a microsite where they could play a question game about literature. The participants had to choose the book they wanted to win and then answer questions about certain pieces of literature, poetry and philosophy. For every right answer they won one entry in the next day’s draw. If they wanted, though, they could play for a friend and donate their entry to him/her. The friend got notified by email in order to choose the book s/he wanted to win.

As a result, Gutenberg Books created an engaging experience which brought its target audience in contact with classic books. Besides, the Publishing House had the opportunity to promote its new publications as a great Christmas gift. The entries (right answers) were 253,927! Each participant stayed on the contest microsite for 6:42 minutes and won an average of 74 entries. The Facebook posts about the contest on the company’s page received 23,730 interactions.

Watch the case study video [in Greek]: