Not Another Facebook Page

Typical social media content. Like?

I have been questioning Facebook pages lately. I am thinking, what do they offer after all? Differentiation? Not any more. Almost every brand has a Facebook page and most of them use it in almost the same way.

Brands were convinced to get on social media – “Because your competitors are already there”, “Because your customers are already there” – and hundreds, thousands, millions of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels were created for them all. Then, we started to “create content”, which means to re-publish articles, food recipes, and beautiful images of sunsets and puppies, because people like them. We also ran contests. Many contests. We gave out prizes and gathered more likes, which made clients happy. We keep doing the same thing every day, competing each other on news feeds where users prefer to see their friend’s stories.

But, why don’t we take a break, stop posting like maniacs and think: have we realised how much social media offer and how much we can do with them?

Social media offer a set of assets which can be used by brands and users in countless ways. Before we had social media, we wished to have these tools. We wished for really interactive websites, better customer experiences, instant communication, communities, better accessibility… We now have all the tools we need but we are not using them.

Social media marketing can be more than Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. We need to think bigger. We need to create social media strategies that will add value to the product/ the brand/ the organisation. They will be part of the product.

I am thinking that I don’t want to create another Facebook page. And I don’t want clients to want another Facebook page.

What do you think?