Monet2010.com: the Journey

Yesterday, my friend dRuantia sent me a link of a website she thought I would like, a website about Claude Monet’s art. And what a nice surprise it was when I discovered that it wasn’t just a website, it was a whole experience!

Monet2010.com is a great example of how interactive media can be used in order to make educational projects deeply engaging.

I cannot help but mention the beautiful design and effects, which, at the same time, are discreet, without any exaggerations and without making the navigation difficult to understand and use.

What made it a real experience to me, though, was the “Journey”. Connect a web camera and a microphone and start discovering Monet’s art. The beautiful presentation of the paintings, the music and the atmosphere will certainly grab your attention. The simulation of physical interaction, achieved by the use of a camera and a microphone, will help you learn, understand and assimilate.

But no more spoilers. Visit Monet2010.com and start the “Journey”.

  • The project was created by the Paris-based design studio LES 84 for the launch of Claude Monet exhibition at Grand Palais Paris.