Mobile Excellence Awards 2015

On June 25th, the Suite7 team, which I am a founder member of, was awarded with a Mobile Excellence Award in the Mobile Customer Engagement category. The awarded project was the “Gutenberg Instant Read App” promotional campaign for Gutenberg publishing house.


Project details:

Gutenberg publishing house specialises in classical literature and is known for its high quality books. The aim of the 50-year-old publishing house is to bring classical literature closer to a larger audience.

More specific goals are to increase brand awareness beyond its faithful readers, to promote individual titles and to communicate that high literature is not just for a sophisticated elite but has much to offer to each reader. Thus, it was decided to participate to En Lefko music festival.

Its presence at the festival included a game in which people took part using their smartphones. Employees of the publishing house were dressed in orange T-shirts with a QR code printed on them and wandered in the festival. Using a QR reader app participants could scan the code and access a mobile friendly web page which asked for their email addresses in order to take part in instant sweepstakes for Gutenberg books.

The outcome was the increase of brand awareness to a younger audience. The promotional campaign also served the company’s objective to modernise its image. The collected emails are used at the company’s email campaigns.

Watch the video presentation (in Greek):