At the last Jelly Talk, which happened on 28th January at E.D.W., we had the opportunity to discuss how non-profit organisations use digital media for internal and external communication, organisation and collaboration.

Communication and New Media professionals from Greenpeace, WWF, Doctors Without Borders and KETHEA presented very interesting case studies and discussed how the use of digital media has brought results to the organisations, which difficulties they have faced because of the way online communication changes and grows and how they intend to use digital media in the future.

Tonia Kastrioti, from the Communications Department of KETHEA, described how the largest non-profit organisation for social reintegration and rehabilitation in Greece, has recently taken the first steps online and how the use of the free, existing technology has improved the internal communication of the centres, which are located in different cities all over Greece. KETHEA has also adopted new practices, such as email, web radio and social media, in order to provide instant help, spread the message of the organisation and find more supporters.


Iasonas Kantas, Communication Officer at WWF Greece, talked about how The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is using social networks to communicate the message and action of the organisation, raise funds and get people involved in the campaigns. He also described how a viral video evolved into a 360 campaign for WWF Greece in 2010!

Veronici Garyfallou – Digital, New media, Online Comms & Online Fundraising Manager at Greenpeace, presented the campaign “Give The Orang-utan A Break” against Nestle’s use of palm oil in their products destroying, this way, the natural environment of orangutans. More than 290,000 emails sent to the company plus Nestle’s mistakes on social networks made them, not only committing that they will stop using palm oil, but also apologise on Facebook for their practices!

Nestle's panic led them to big communication mistakes on Facebook.

Sofia Apostolia, Web Editor at Doctors Without Borders, presented the very interesting case of Haiti, a year ago, when Twitter became the main platform for information, communication and interaction with the audience and the media about the disastrous earthquake.

Haiti: A year after

Yvonne Senouf, Co-Founder of MELD, couldn’t, unfortunately, be with us on the night but we had the opportunity to watch the teaser video of MELD’s ‘Project Nero’.

Videos of the presentations will be uploaded soon on Jelly.gr. Keep an eye on the blog!

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Thanks to:
Sofia Apostolia, Veronici Garyfallou, Tonia Kastrioti, Iason Kantas and Yvonne Senouf for the cooperation,
Valentini and Evangelos Kaimakis for hosting us at E.D.W.,
Stavros Kypraios for the beautiful poster design,
the Jelly Community and everyone who attended the event!