Turning cities into huge playgrounds

Real-space Angry Birds by T-Mobile

Geo-Location games, urban gameboards, life-size versions of favourite video games: these are gaming trends which, during the last few years, have inspired not only the gaming but the marketing industry too. With smartphones and other portable devices providing Geo-Location, Wi-Fi and other relevant technologies, endless new possibilities have risen for game developers and marketeers.

These were my thoughts after attending a brainstorming session for gaming, held by Athens Plaython, last week. A few of the ideas that came out of it were great and I would love to see them developed but, what was most interesting about them was that most of them were about turning big urban spaces into huge playgrounds and transferring games from screen to real space.

A few of my favourite games/ advertising campaigns based on gaming, which combine real-space-play with technology, were mentioned as source of inspiration. I am sharing them with you and I hope they inspire you, too:

MINI Getaway Stockholm 2010

Nike: Grid

Real-Life Pac-Man

T-Mobile Angry Birds Live


Do you have your own favourites? Share them with us!