I first found out about Augmented Reality from an article in Revolution Magazine about BMW’s Augmented Reality application.

According to the article,

“By turning to augmented reality (AR) to promote the latest Z4 Roadster, the car marque wanted to turn heads and associate the brand with cutting-edge technology.”

(“Behind the scenes: BMW’s augmented reality campaign”, Revolution Magazine, June 2009)

I got very excited when, at ACC Liverpool, we decided to develop an Augmented Reality application in order to promote our stand at the annual Confex exhibition.

As the theme of this year’s Confex was ‘Innovation’, we had the opportunity to experiment with the latest technology.

The idea was a competition that would attract visitors to our stand by offering something different that would make ACC Liverpool stand out from the crowd. Splinter Design Communications, the design studio based in Liverpool, produced and developed the application – and we were ready for London!

I was there to provide technical support and see how people would interact with the application. As I expected, most visitors were not aware of Augmented Reality and they were very interested to know how it works.

Pamela Carroll, Marketing Manager for BT Convention Centre, said:

“At ACC Liverpool we enjoy experimenting with the latest technology because it allows us to break the limitations and be as creative as we can! We like inspiring our clients and encouraging them to use their imagination in a manner that can take meetings to the next level.”

In partnership with Splinter Design Communications, ACC Liverpool offers Augmented Reality technology for future BT Convention Centre events.

I can’t wait to see how technological progress will change the future of meetings’ industry!